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Dr. Ali became a physician at age 27. I knew I wanted to help people in the largest way possible. At the time, becoming a Pediatrician and impacting the health of children, was my primary mission.

After the birth of my second daughter at age 36, I changed to a more intense career. I became a Hospitalist in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. As a young doctor, I thrived on the fast-paced decision making of an ICU and I loved seeing the immediate results of the resuscitaion I provided to newborn infants.

I maintained the ICU pace for over twelve years, but as most people do when they hit middle age, I realized that I couldn’t sustain this fast pace forever. I decided that before I died, I would like to share my life-long knowledge of Wellness and Mindset with future generations. Although it was foreign to me at the time, I knew I needed to learn to use the Internet to REACH and IMPACT as many people as possible.

I joined an Internet Business Education Program to learn Online skills. I acquired internet skills to promote my writing and my E-Courses, and in the meantime… I realized my greatest skill I could offer was my mindset around DECISION MAKING (I’ve heard this called my Genius Zone, which totally makes sense now that I am offering E-Courses and Consulting around making decisions and taking action.)

So YES I am not what anyone expects, and YES I am a physician who has pivoted my skills to meet the needs of the people I serve, but the most important thing that has never changed for me, is the legacy I leave will be one of caring and of service to my family, my patients and everyone I encounter.

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