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I see a World that is connected by the sharing of knowledge. Where each individual finds strength to embrace their unique abilities and lives a fulfilled life by sharing their gifts and wisdom while learning from others who are doing the same. 

I mentor individuals, and my group members, to discover their unique purpose and then develop internet sharing skills (via EBooks, ECourses and Blogs) that reach the people we are put on this Earth to teach and serve.


My Mission is to support each individual I work with to continue their visionary growth & discovery, so that they may be fulfilled by sharing their unique knowledge, compassion and truth with the World.


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About Me

I became a physician at age 27. I knew I wanted to help people in the largest way possible. At the time, becoming a Pediatrician and impacting the health of children, was my primary mission.

After the birth of my second daughter at age 36, I changed to a more intense career. I became a Hospitalist in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. As a young doctor, I thrived on the fast-paced decision making of an ICU and I loved seeing the immediate results of the resuscitaion I provided to newborn infants.




I am Connected and support the connection of those I serve.


I am Compassionate. I give others kindness and caring that is unconditional


I am a gatherer and teacher of Wisdom.

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